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Today's businesses and organizations are competing in a global economy with a talent shortage. That means in order to be  high performing, employers must embrace a culture of health and well-being.in order to have:

  • higher productivity
  • improved morale
  • potentially lower health care costs
  • retaining talent and reducing turnover
  • better work/life balance
  • more energy and enthusiasm
  • ​less stress
  • happier employees
  • ​work/life integration

Workplace wellness is about helping to improve business results while maintaining a highly effective workforce through a holistic wellness plan that embraces a work/life balance. The culture embraces the idea that employees are the most valuable resource.  

Individual one-on-one coaching for men or women who want to align their health, wellness or well-being with the life they dream about in ways that they never thought were possible. 

Feel, look, and be better at home, work, and social settings.  Do it for YOURSELF.

Health coaching is a process that gently guides you, opens up opportunities, focuses on the positive and is possible through successes defined by you.

 to get started on your wellness journey 


Speaking and training

health  coaching 

Workplace Wellness Programs

I conduct training, do workshops, and speak at conferences, and meetings on many wellness and well-being topics. Learning about health, wellness and well-being is a great way to understand WHY it is so important in your life and in the community, or the workplace. 

Your health and well-being is extremely important and should align with the life that you have always dreamed about. But it takes action to get there. This can be done within a workplace wellness program or as an individual.

Blue Jewel Coaching will help you reach the goals that are most important to you. What if your life is abundant, joyful, satisfying, more productive, and you have more energy? What would that look and feel like? What changes would be in order and how can you achieve those changes.  

I will help you on your journey to wellness, using a holistic approach that is evidence based. I invite everyone that would like to make changes to their health and wellbeing to contact me for a free consultation. no obligation!

Small steps = BIG results