My Philosophy

I love having great conversations about wellness, well-being and staying healthy. My interest in wellness started way back when I was a small child.  Growing up on a family farm, I ate fresh farm fruits, veggies, meats, milk and more all from my parents farm. Nutrition was, and still is very important to me. But often people do not have basic knowledge about what healthy food and what they are eating that may not be healthy. Feeding your body wholesome, nutritional food is so important. They say "you are what you eat" and that is very true.

Being healthy has been a lifelong adventure for me. I used to enjoy riding my bike down the winding dirt road in the cornfields on my new purple bike with the wind gently tossing my hair. I played baseball with my siblings and went swimming on hot summer days.  That was the beginning of when I realized how important health, and being active was to me.  I spent many summer days playing volleyball, softball, bocce ball, kickball and more. What fond memories of open spaces, fresh air and bright sunshine.

I have also competed in triathlons, been on steering committees for wellness, and I was a team member of the original Light the Night Leukemia Walk in New Glarus, WI. Walks are now held throughout the entire U.S.  I get involved as often as I can by being healthy, volunteering and helping others to be healthy.  I have walked 5-6 days per week for many years and joined a health club  to take advantage of exercise classes, yoga, and other fitness and strength building.

Mind and Body

Staying healthy and maintaining a strong brain is critical. Recently, I took an interest in brain health when several family members experienced dementia and Alzheimer's disease and died.  I recently finished a  fundraiser walk for the Alzheimer and Dementia Association and the reward was immense. I am always exploring other volunteer opportunities to help caregivers and families deal with these issues including helping others to become stronger physically, mentally and emotionally.

I have been actively involved in work-site wellness for over seven years for a large organization with different roles; some big and some small but all very worthwhile.  I found that sometimes it is best to lead by example whether that is eating a healthy lunch, taking a quick 15 minute break by walking outside, or not yelling in a meeting when everyone else is loud.  Instead I always take the high road in these situations and practice stress reduction and deep breathing techniques.

​Enjoy Life

One of my very favorite past-times is traveling around the world.  Traveling is exciting, invigorating and has helped me grow by experiencing how others live.  I used to think that most people thought like me, and enjoyed the same things that I did.  Through my travel experiences, I have learned that this is not true.  I have traveled throughout Europe, Canada, the U.S., and Mexico.  Although each country is different, they all have something unique to offer.  Travel has fed my soul and gives me the opportunity to think about living life in a different way.  That has affected other areas of my life including career options, healthy eating, exercising, stress reduction and being kind.  It is the reason why I am now coaching and helping others to become healthier and improve their well-being.

Finding inner peace, quality living, and a healthy life style is the core of wellness coaching and worksite wellness. Come along on the journey with me as we find your path to wellness. 


professional credentials:

You deserve it!  Let Blue Jewel Coaching help you to look, feel and be healthier.  Achieve dreams, become the real you,  start with small steps, or big goals. and choose what works for you.  My philosophy is to help you with all aspects of wellness by guiding, providing motivation, and being curious. This helps you to stay focused, and brings out your very best. I am a certified health coach for individuals, and for worksite wellness programs.  Wellness coaches are trained to help you achieve your what you want out of life.  A wellness coach can easily be part of workplace wellness programs.

Certified Wellness Coach (CWC)

Certified Worksite Wellness Specialist (CWWS)

Employee Assistance/Wellness Works Coordinator

M.S. Continuing and Adult Education, UW-Madison

B.A. Business Administration, Lakeland College

​CPR Certified


Madison Area Business Consultants

Middleton Chamber of Commerce

Greater Madison Society of Human Resource Management


Gilda's Club

​Madison School and Community Recreation

Middleton Chamber of Commerce

Greater Madison Society of Human Resource Management


I will help you to discover a new awareness of your body, mind, and spirit. You’ll gain the knowledge and the ability to push yourself to new limits in each discipline that you choose. Together we take a very balanced and open approach to your wellness whether it is physical fitness,  nutrition, stress reduction or something else. During the process you’ll experience what it is that emphasizes your strengths and feels most comfortable to achieve desired goals. 

Workplace Wellness Programs speaking and training

 Health Coaching