Workplace wellness Programs


I provide wellness consulting to organizations by developing wellness programs and executing wellness initiatives for the workplace. Every organization is different and benefits from customized services. Services offered include, but are not limited to:

  • Identify, research and develop workplace wellness options for employers to address specific employees' needs.
  • Lead clients in developing wellness programs, initiatives, events and activities.
  • Develop strategic plans for wellness that align with the culture, mission, vision and values of the organization. 
  • Ensure wellness initiatives align with the business strategic plan and compliments appropriate business goals.
  • Conduct environmental wellness assessments, communicate findings and make appropriate recommendations.
  • Analyze data results from initiatives such as HRA or biometrics. Determine appropriate programs to implement to address the key health risks of employees.
  • Partner with the Wellness Team in managing, executing and/or evaluating wellness events, and activities.
  • Collaborate with the Employee Benefits Team to integrate wellness into other areas such as risk, safety or environmental issues.
  • Partner with others on all dimensions of wellness to ensure alignment, engagement and prioritization are identified. Dimensions include physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, community, or other dimensions.
  • Develop relationships with internal and external partners such wellness vendors, service providers and suppliers to establish trust, accountability and deliver solutions.
  • Develop and present wellness presentations, lunch and learns, training, or workshops.
  • Conduct assessments to gather input and data for future direction.
  • Complete evaluations to determine the effectiveness of the wellness program.

​I offer a complimentary session to discuss what I can do to help extraordinary businesses and organizations improve, thrive and have a healthier workforce. Contact me today for your free session. 

Why workplace wellness?

Workplace wellness programs are part of the culture in highly successful organizations and businesses.  According to the CDC, chronic diseases such as depression, diabetes, obesity, cancer, and hypertension can lead to a decline in the overall health of employees in a workplace. These contribute to an increase in health-related expenses for employers and employees, lower productivity and/or missed work days. Many businesses understand the benefits of health promotion, and want to control the costs of rising health care but are not sure how to get started. Ideally the organization is protecting the safety and well-being of employees while providing them with opportunities for better long-term health. 

Workplace wellness is designed to improve many aspects of the organization including its culture. It can improve productivity, engagement and morale, and reduce absenteeism. The ultimate goal is to change and improve wellbeing. It can decrease injuries and illnesses, improve recruitment and retention, and also increase commitment to the organization. All of these are crucial for organizations in order to remain competitive.

For employees, it can increase their overall well-being and self esteem, improve coping with stress, improve health risks, and potentially lower their health care costs. It may increase their social support, allows access to more health resources, improves job satisfaction, leads to a better work/life, and provides a more supportive work environment. 

Learn more about the opportunity to change your organization, the employees and be an employer of choice. First and foremost think about how much time and productivity is lost each day the employees are not fully engaged while at work. It is critical to have employees who are happy, productive, fully present and healthy. A workplace wellness program provides that environment and embraces a culture of well-being. Take action now.

​Training, speaking and workshops

Do you want to learn, grow, develop knowledge and skills on wellness, and wellbeing topics? I can help. I speak on the topics below or will customize to specifically address the audience's needs.  I do training, workshops, events, conferences, and more. Sample topics:

  • Workplace Wellness - Getting Started
  • Rolling with Resilience at Work and Home
  • Live Your Best Life: Improving Your Heath and Wellbeing
  • Four Easy Ways to Be Healthier and Happier
  • Being Mindful: Live a LIfe You Love
  • Seven Steps to Less Stress and More Motivation
  • Wellness Coaching: The Upward Spiral in Life

Contact me today for more details on how I can help with your conference needs, staff meeting,

special event or other wellness speaker needs.

health Coaching

Are you feeling stuck, unsure, wanting change, not motivated and need to explore some areas in your life?

Health (wellness) coaching is a partnership between the client and wellness coach. Together we look at opportunities to move forward in your life, on your terms. We focus on health, wellness, and well-being issues, and explore what has not yet been discovered. You will experience change in an amazing way that leads you to the life that you want and perhaps dream about.  We focus on the positive things in life and learn from past failures. If you want to  explore, dream,  and conceptualize your utmost needs and wants, then I can help you get there.

But how does that happen? You envision what you really want most out of life.  I will guide you and provide the accountability to make it happen in ways that are most meaningful and reflect who you are.  You will discover what motivates you and use your values, self management skills, and beliefs to begin the journey. I engage in active listening and do not judge; instead I use empathy, reflection, support and compassion to help you with whatever you define as being the most important. Then you make a plan of action that inspires you to take steps to realize your dreams. Typically they include a wellness vision statement, 3 month goals, and short term goals.

Coaching sessions are weekly, biweekly, or monthly. Contact me and we can discuss what will make your life the best it can be in any of these areas:

  1. Fitness
  2. Life satisfaction
  3. Energy
  4. Nutrition
  5. Weight Management
  6. Stress
  7. Health
  8. Exercise
  9. Well-being
  10. Work/career

Generally coaching sessions are done remotely via telephone or Skype but could be face-to-face.  Days and hours are flexible to meet the client's needs - I will accommodate your needs. Let's talk and get started on your journey.