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Workplace Wellness Programs and Speaking

I really enjoyed the presentation and discussion.  I appreciate the work and time that goes into doing these workshops and kudos to you for being so well prepared and having lots of great content! Thanks again. Namaste.

Barbara B, Daily Money Manager

I recently attended a training session for the Madison Area Business Consultants where Janet presented on work/life balance. She conducted a really good session, is comfortable on the stage, and relates well to the audience. Nice job!

Nancy D, MABC

Janet presented to the Madison West Towne-Middleton Rotary Club on Helping You to Be Healthier and Enjoy Life More. The presentation was informative, fun, and people were moving as part of the presentation. Her powerful questions got us to think about how to improve our health and wellbeing in ways that best fits our work/life balance. The tips and strategies that she shared were practical, doable, and included resources. I would recommend Janet as a wellness expert; she is passionate about wellness and helping others achieve their goals. She is very knowledgeable and truly valuable to anyone she comes in contact with. Janet is easy to work with and attentive to details.

Tony, Middleton Rotary Club 

Janet presented at the South Madison Rotary Club on resiliency. Her presentation was interesting, informative, and kept the audience engaged. Even though the membership age varies and there are different business backgrounds, the topic was of interest as it relates to workforce retention. I would recommend Janet for any business or organization that is looking to enhance their wellness program.

​Tara, South Madison Rotary Club

Thank you for presenting the workshop on resiliency at the Verona Public Library and sharing your expertise. You provided practical strategies for attendees and had a strong delivery. Thanks again!

Trudy, Verona Public Library

Thank you so much for donating your time and expertise to lead a valuable discussion on resiliency. The members were very interested in this topic and your presentation generated great discussion and questions. We were very excited to have you present. Thanks.

Carissa, Kirsten, and Nan, Gilda's Club, Middleton

Janet enthusiastically presented for the Middleton Chamber of Commerce in April 2016 on Workplace Wellness for the "Ask the Expert" program which is designed to educate members on business topics they have identified.   
Janet's presentation included ten steps to start (or improve) a workplace wellness program. The steps were succinct, evidence-based, comprehensive, and doable for businesses that are beginning or expanding a wellness program.  A variety of free resources, as well as a number of useful websites were shared. Her session was engaging and participants had questions and comments about workplace wellness. She identified some common issues, opportunities and challenges, but then provided sound research or tips to address those.  I would recommend Janet as a professional for your workplace wellness program needs including training or speaking engagements.  
Brenda Delabarre, Middleton Chamber of Commerce

I attended Janet's training on Workplace Wellness. The presentation was straight to the point, nice, very interesting content and she showed the audience a clear notion that she is knowledgeable about this topic.Congrats!
Renato Romani MD MBA, CEO & Founder,

Janet has a genuine passion for helping others and she brings out the best in employees. I have known Janet for over a decade through work. She has been involved in the work-site wellness program at the agency for over seven years and enjoyed every minute of it. Her duties included agency-wide coordination of events, promoting and marketing wellness, and assisting the EAP directors. She is enthusiastic, dedicated to wellness and sincerely wants to help others become healthier. I recommend her as a professional who will design, develop, implement and evaluate an outstanding workplace wellness program.
Chris, New Glarus

I had the privilege of working with Janet at WisDOT for over 15 years. During that time, she eagerly led, advocated and implemented EAP and wellness initiatives and campaigns. Her enthusiasm for wellness/well-being is infectious which makes it fun to learn and easy to remember. She has a creative, positive outlook and is good at organizing and bringing people together. Her coaching and leadership style is one that engages and encourages participation. If you have a coaching or wellness or well-being need, seek out Janet.
Jim, Madison

Health Coaching

I want to thank you for such an amazing year of personal health coaching! Since working with you I have been able to:

1) 30 minutes of walking per day and have a 26 lb weight loss

2) maintain a healthy 2100 calorie a day diet for the past 6 months resulting in an average daily weight of 180 lbs

3) daily meditation for 30 minutes a day resulting in better sleeping patterns and improved relationships

4) development of a clear mission statement reflecting an integration of desire to destiny thinking.

It has been an honor to have such an empathic, non-judgemental, knowledgeable personal coach. Your ability to help me establish clear goals with proven objectives solidified through effective strategies has helped me achieve stronger, deeper and much improved relationships with myself, my family and my community. Simply put - you're the best!

In thought, heart and hope,

Tim B, RN

The time I spent working with Janet was extremely helpful. Not knowing the process of working with a wellness coach made it difficult to know what to expect going into the process. However, Janet made the process  easy and really allowed  me to explore where I was in my life, where I wanted to go, and  helped me identify what in my life I needed to do to get there.  The process was profound and allowed me to identify  strategies that worked for me in order to maintain a well balanced  life. The 12 weeks I spent  working with Janet were thought provoking and gave me a chance to experience self discovery in ways that were rewarding and  joyful.

Alisha, Madison

Janet was very helpful in empowering me to meet my goal for a healthier lifestyle. She kept me  focused on setting goals and encouraged me along the way. Her approach made personal accomplishments possible that I would not have attained on my own. As a result of Janet's approach and guidance, I am continuing on a path to a healthier lifestyle with more confidence and commitment.

Heidi, Verona

​I did three coaching sessions with Janet when she was training to be a Certified Coach. Janet was a great listener and assisted me to stay on track with a project I was working on. She has a positive attitude and will hold you accountable to reach your goals. Contact Janet to see how she can assist you to reach your goals.
Kirsty, Madison

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